At Work Live with Achievement, Beat Addictx, Yung Coyote, Sam Was, Fraktal Fingerz, Stingray Bob on April 12 Atlantic City

Achievement, At Work, Beat Addictz, Yung Coyote, Sam Was, Fraktal Fingerz, Stingray Bob, April 12, Le Grand Fromage Atlantic City

Yung Coyote turns the beats amidst Stingray Bob's hyperdimensional light show.
Photos courtesy of Stingray Bob.
Stingray Bob's geometric lights set the stage.
Photos courtesy of Stingray Bob.
Stingray Bob sets mood with photons.
Photos courtesy of Stingray Bob.

Gridwork Presents

Achievement – Philadelphia
Custom Lifestyle (Facebook)

At Work – Pine Barrens, NJ
At Work Site • Batona Music

Beataddictx – NJ
Soundcloud • All Vinyl DJ Set

Resident Gridworkers:
Yung Coyote

Stingray Bob (See his work on YouTube)

Live Painting:
Fraktal Fingers

Art Before Crime
Deep Seeded

It will look something like this:

Contest & prizes from Deep Seeded.

Achievement will be personally awarding a trophy to the best dancer/

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Come early and stay late!
Doors: 8pm • Show: 9pm-2am

$7 entry

18 to party • 21 to drink

Le Grand Fromage
25 Gordon’s Alley
Atlantic City, NJ
(Free Parking – lot located off Pennsylvania Ave)

Lure for those who support alcohol-based music culture:
New drink special – THE MAGIC CUP: Purchase a magic cup at the door for $10, then have access to super cheap drink specials the rest of the night!
$1 Draft Beers • $2 Vodka Drinks • $2 Whiskey Drinks • $3 Long Islands • TIP YOUR BARTENDERS.

Little House Booking is branching out into the super fun world of dance music. We’ve teamed up with Philly’s sickest art collective Psy.Fi to bring you the highest quality multimedia experience. GR1DW0RK = AC Nightlife Remixed.

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Cloud People’s 3rd Hit Record: Spring Peepers

Cloud People Hit Record 3 Spring Peepers

Evan Wilder Tweets late last night:

Late. Out in the trees.
Sitting still as spring peepers pierce silence.
I hit record.
40 minutes of peeps takes me to 3am.
A cat crept by.
Very dark amidst light rain and mist.
Winter casually leaves like it never happened.
Back, to report and download recording to prepare for whoever listens to such things. Then sleep.

This is the result – a 12 minute highlight of spring peepers as recorded by Evan Wilder in the Wharton State Forest.

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Cloud People Hit Record #2 March Winds

Cloud People Hit Record March Winds

Hit Record Number 2: “March Winds”. One late winter windy night gets Evan Wilder out in the woods to record the wind passing through the forest, where branches can be heard knocking together in the treetops.

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Long Shits by Evan Wilder 1-12

The Long Shits series continues. Through fall and winter Cloud People’s Evan Wilder took the camera to share a glimpse of the scenery.

Current set includes:

01 – Harvest Moon
02 – Jupiter Over The Pines
03 – Windy Pines At Dusk
04 – Late Spring Frogsong
05 – Lightning & Lightning Bugs
06 – Sleeping Fawn
07 – Atlantic City As Seen From Leeds Point
08 – Getting Through Winter
09 – Fleeting Flurries
10 – Shifting Shadows
11 – Powdery Pines
12 – Frozen Fade

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At Work On ‘Order Of The Scolex’ Compilation 2 x Cassette

Scolex Recordings - Order Of The Scolex

Our friends at New Jersey’s Scolex Recordings released a massive 44 track compilation (digital & 2 x cassette!).

The carefully coordinated effort highlights the work of 44 different electronic music artists all intersecting at an uncertain place over the horizon that is uniquely Scolex.

At Work contributed “Next Actions (Open Loop)”. It is a new version of “Next Actions” which appears on A Very Slow Collapse (PATH10).

The digital release is available for $0 and up (name your price), or you can purchase the double cassette edition for $10 and get an instant digital download in your choice of full and high quality formats.

We’re very happy to be a part of this collection! While you’re downloading this behemoth comp, check out all these weird and wonderful releases on the Scolex Bandcamp.

Scolex Recordings - Order Of The Scolex

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Cloud People Live Halloween Special Oct 30th Atlantic City with Sam Was, Yung Coyote + More

Cloud People - Samwas - Yung Coyote - Dubmoxoa - Steven Paul - FraKtal Fingers

Evan Wilder performs Cloud People’s Clouds 1-9 as you’ve never heard them before in an extended dance set, and also new, unreleased material.
This will be a Cloud People Live Halloween Special. The party goes till 7am. If you ever wanted a party to reach the weirder peaks of wild, in costume, with this is the one.

The official event information:

Le Grand Fromage + Little House Booking + Gridwork AC Presents:

Gridwork Empire

A Special Break Out Wednesdays Halloween Party!
Feat: Cloud People | Samwas | Yung Coyote | Dubmoxoa | Steven Paul
Live Painting By Fraktal Fingers

Wednesday, October 30th
Le Grand Fromage
25 Gordons Alley – Atlantic City, NJ
8pm | 18+ / 21+ to drink (ID’s Required at Door)

This is a Halloween party – costumes are strongly encouraged!

$5 in costume
$8 no costume

Theme is Boardwalk Empire(ish):
New age boardwalk empire. The swankiest party to grace AC in centuries… Past & future of AC will connect at GRIDWORK.

Costumes ideas range from roaring 20s/gangster/wild west or something that represents the future of AC.
The New West, New New Jersey, Post South Jersey seceding from North Jersey, steampunk cowboys & post-industrial tribes etc etc…
Roaring 20s meets Roaring 2000s, if you will. Get creative. Contribute to the vibe and help make this a BREAKOUT event. The more successful this event is, the more exciting events we can bring you in the future…

LHB is teaming up with real movers and shakers in the electronic music scene to bring you an epic concoction of a great night!

*LIVE Music + DJs!
*Freshest electronic music ever to grace AC!
*LIVE Painting by FraKtal Fingers!
*Discounted Drink Specials!
*FREE Parking Outside Venue (Pennsylvania Ave)!
*Food Specials + Activities!
*Contests + Giveaways!

Cloud People [Batona Music] (Electronica/IDM/Dub from Pine Barrens, NJ)

Yung Coyote [Wildechosystems] (Post-data/Eonphaded DJ from Pine Barrens, NJ)

Samwas [Psy.Fi, FML] (Glitch Hop/Future Bass from AC/Philly)

Dubmoxoa [Psy.Fi] (Electronica/Dub DJ from Philadelphia, PA)

Steven Paul (Pop/Folk from South Jersey)

FraKtal Fingers [Deep Seeded]

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