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August 15, 2013
Cloud People - "Gone With The Wild" - PATH19

Cloud People arrive.

Cloud People arrive at Cloud 9, the end in their series The Clouds. With remix assistance from Jason Carr, Yung Coyote, Ambient Fabric, At Work, and Messier Object, Cloud People end with an album's worth of the best remixes backtracking through the years while adding a few new ones.

Jason Carr's remix of "The Oaks" pulls us even further into the wilds, with almost 8 minutes of bewildering excursion ever crossing over into stranger stretches of forest, with only the beat guiding us home.

In 2008, Ambient Fabric and Cloud People exchanged efforts on "Mountains Of Dub". Ambient Fabric composed new parts, and Cloud People adapted them to a few new versions of the track: one of which appears here as "Ambient Fabric & Cloud People Freehand Cloud Climb". Ambient Fabric is from Norway, where, unlike the New Jersey Pine Barrens, there are real mountains.

At Work deconstructed and reconstructed "Shamong"—a previously unreleased Cloud People track that goes back to summer 2001. Evan Wilder recalls hearing from his high school history teacher that the name Shamong, a town in the pines, is of Lene-Lenape origin and best translates to "the land of the devil". If this claim can be verified or disproven, please comment below, because we've tried looking into it and didn't find anything.

Although departed from earth more than 6 months ago, Messier Object left behind a soon-to-expire application of self-simulation, which aptly reprocessed "Winter Starlight", adapting it to an epic space synth theme driven by extraterrestrial technology. Perfect for high-speed travel and M25 orbital journeys.

Pine Barrens native Yung Coyote produced a mega-mix, stretching the idea of a remix to new boundaries; comprising of "Last Of The Leaves", "Drums Of Autumn", and "Beyond The Call Of The Wild" to various degrees of recognizability, with many new original and shifting terrains and field recordings inter-spliced throughout.

Though this retrospective update marks the end of The Clouds and foreseeable recordings of new Cloud People material, there are a few other video and field recording projects to look forward to, following Evan Wilder and his exploration and adventures in the Pine Barrens.

Cloud People ● Gone With The Wild

Cloud People - "Gone With The Wild" - PATH19
01 Open Deck Cloud Ship (7")
02 Blue Sky Gliding Dub
03 Geese Honking (Rough Cut)
04 Awesome Drumset
05 A Pine Barrens Jungle Safari To The Fabled Mountains Of Dub
06 Nubanoc-Noc Pine Barrens Dub
07 Giant Sky Dub
08 Shamong (At Work Mix)
09 Beyond The Last Of The Leaves (Yung Coyote's ReGen Coda)
10 The Oaks (Jason Carr Remix)
11 Winter Starlight (Messier Object Remix)
12 Through The Wild (Instrumental)
13 Winter Starlight (Extended Night Dub)
14 Ambient Fabric & Cloud People Freehand Cloud Climb

Further Data:

Catalog Number: PATH19
Formats: MP3 V0, MP3 320, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC, WAV, AIFF
Released: August 15, 2013
Total Time: 01:24:21
Photography: Evan Wilder
Design: Nice Looking Designs

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Introducing new Cloud People field recording series “Hit Record”

August 15, 2013
Cloud People - Hit Record 1- The Frogs

Listen to the sounds of the Pine Barrens.

Spring, 2013. Inspired by the song of frogs, and enabled with decent stereo recording equipment, Evan Wilder finally launches his long time fantasy of properly doing a series of field recordings for Cloud People called Hit Record.

If and when more recordings emerge, Batona may release this series in volumes, in a proper lossless format.

However, unlike the Cloud People series The Clouds, this will contain no production or sounds other than those recorded from environments with no intentional input from Cloud People or Evan Wilder.

This series is strictly limited to sounds heard in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

This issue hears northern gray frogs sing through the night in late May.

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Introducing new Cloud People video field recording series, “Long Shits By Evan Wilder”

August 14, 2013

Filmed on location in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Eastern Thunder presents — Evan Wilder's new viral video series of sharable long shots capturing the peacefulness of the Pine Barrens.

"I want to show people what's here, because I can. I think many would be surprised to know that there is still some wild beauty left on this little slab of land jutting out towards the Atlantic Ocean. There are other reasons, too, that may be revealed in time."

- Evan Wilder

Current set includes:

1 - Harvest Moon
2 - Jupiter Over The Pines
3 - Windy Pines At Dusk
4 - Late Spring Frogsong
5 - Lightning & Lightning Bugs
6 - Sleeping Fawn

Filmed on location in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
Shot by Evan Wilder.
Additional production by Nice Looking Designs.

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