Cloud People


Deep in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, reside in fact, in dreams, in dub, Cloud People. Over bean burritos and organic fruit smoothies, they record and arrange sounds and video that portray their wild evergreen domain.

After a few years of rare live shows, producing in solitude and remixing the likes of Multi-Purpose Solution, Global Goon, Coheed and Cambria and others, 2007 saw their first release on Batona, A Wild Feeling, which started off their flagship music series, The Clouds.

A year later, a movie was started, following Evan Wilder (as himself) as he takes in the seasonal Pinelands beauty and its mysteries. The film is in post-production.

Cloud People reciprocated musical magic to Pablo Sandoz (headed by Colin Angus, Lord Hempton himself, formerly of The Shamen), delivering the mixes days from their implosion. Plans are underway for them to be released.

Wild & Shit With Evan Wilder, a short video series, surfaced in 2010, now up to 16 episodes with more on the way.

2011 brought Even Wilder, a 5-track EP, and 2 more EPs, Ever Wilder and The Wilds were released winter 2012, along with a new sonic series of unsolicited remixes called “A Pine Barrens Take”.

New Wild & Shits premiered at Tracey Moberly’s TWEET-ME-UP! event at Undercurrent: Young Peoples Festival in The Tanks at Tate Modern, London, August 24, and will be released fall 2012.

Late summer 2012 brought two new EPs in The Clouds series: As Wild As We Want To Be and Dub Me Wilder. The former rife with vocals and unknown tongues bouncing over Micromoog riffs and the later a smoother, dubbed-out drift down cool cedar streams.



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