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Cloud People’s 3rd Hit Record: Spring Peepers

Evan Wilder Tweets late last night: Late. Out in the trees. Sitting still as spring peepers pierce silence. I hit record. 40 minutes of peeps takes me to 3am. A cat crept by. Very dark amidst light rain and mist. … Continue reading

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Cloud People Hit Record #2 March Winds

Hit Record Number 2: “March Winds”. One late winter windy night gets Evan Wilder out in the woods to record the wind passing through the forest, where branches can be heard knocking together in the treetops.

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Long Shits by Evan Wilder 1-12

The Long Shits series continues. Through fall and winter Cloud People’s Evan Wilder took the camera to share a glimpse of the scenery. Current set includes: 01 – Harvest Moon 02 – Jupiter Over The Pines 03 – Windy Pines … Continue reading

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