Batona News For April 2013

April 7, 2013
New pines grow where a forest was recently razed. Photo by Evan Wilder.

Spring finally comes to the pines… Following a 4 month hiatus after 2012’s busy release schedule, new things are on the horizon:

• Cloud People’s full length remix album Gone With The Wild finishes their series The Clouds, which was started in 2001. Evan Wilder hopes it will be “as essential as John McPhee’s Pine Barrens to any Piney’s appreciation of the Pinelands”. Expect remixes by Yung Coyote (Pinelands native), Jason Carr (Detroit/Phila/Berkeley), Ambient Fabric (Norway), and At Work (Pine Barrens).

• At Work’s next EP, Noise And Counter-Noise (under construction now), plows into the ubiquitous, cluttered soundscape of commercial coercion with synth riffs and weird, unexpected rock beats on overdrive. Features a verdant remix by Floods.

• Cloud People’s Evan Wilder has been producing a new series entitled Long Shits. It’s described by Cloud People as a “new viral video series of sharable long shots capturing the peacefulness of the Pine Barrens.” Their full-length film, last working title being Wild Refuge, is still in production since it was started in late 2008.

• There are more things planned, including a possible Messier Object release of some sort, and perhaps a collaboration, artwork or (hopefully) a distant future release by the reclusive Pinelands musical and artistic genius, F. Art Marx.

Happy trails,

Floods, At Work … and darkness came: Headphone Commute’s Hurricane Sandy Victim Benefit

December 7, 2012

At Work - Community Creation

From Headphone Commute comes a massive compilation (6 hours/87 tracks long) to relieve victims of Hurricane Sandy: … and darkness came. It is to be released December 10 via their Bandcamp page.

Best described here, by Stephen Mejias, on his Stereophile Magazine Blog:

On the morning of November 7, about a week after Sandy hit our area, the people behind Headphone Commute, a website devoted to the appreciation of music and high-quality sound, reached out to their favorite artists and asked if they’d like to donate tracks for a compilation, the entire proceeds of which would go to Doctors Without Borders and The Humane Society, in an effort to help those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

By midday, Headphone Commute had received confirmations from 10 artists, included among them acclaimed pianist Nils Frahm. Over the next several days, more artists eagerly offered contributions. Today, the roster of musicians reads like a “Who’s Who” in the worlds of modern classical, ambient electronic, and experimental music…

Clint Mansell • Max Richter • Nils Frahm • Hauschka • Machinefabriek • Valgeir Sigurðsson • Dustin O’Halloran • Christoph Berg • Hummingbird • Simon Scott • Marcus Fischer • Peter Broderick • Black Swan • Rival Consoles • Lawrence English • Kate Carr • Ólafur Arnalds • Waves On Canvas • Maps And Diagrams • Dalot • Good Weather For An Airstrike • Leah Kardos • Ezekiel Honig • Mark Templeton • Radere • Fabrizio Paterlini • Netherworld • Talvihorros • Pleq feat Strië • Antonymes • Brambles • Clem Leek • Minus Pilots • Olan Mill • Ian Hawgood • loscil • Bersarin Quartett • Hammock • M.Cadoo • Jóhann Jóhannsson • Rafael Anton Irisarri • Helios • Mike Jedlicka • Christopher Willits • Celer • :papercutz • Dakota Suite • Kreng • Anoice • Takahiro Kido • Yuki Murata • Aria Rostami • Peter Prautzch • The Frozen Vaults • riverrun • pinkcourtesyphone • David Wenngren • offthesky • Autistici • A Bleeding Star • Kane Ikin • Sun Hammer • Roel Funcken • Wabi Experience • Jase Rex • James Murray • Scanner • Erik K Skodvin • Julien Neto • Absent Without Leave • Last Days • Stray Ghost • Trifonic • Marcus Fjellström • Gen Ken Montgomery • David Newlyn • Boy Is Fiction • SaffronKeira • Ben Lukas Boysen • Somatic Responses • Évo Lëthi with Monolyth and Cobalt • Ex Confusion • Seth Chrisman • wndfrm • Infinite Scale • Floods

Floods offered their track “We Broke: Down (Life After Sandy – At Work Instrumental)”, which was remixed by At Work.

… and darkness came became a number one seller on Bandcamp within hours.

Curated by: HC
Digital Download (via Bandcamp)
Formats: 320kbps MP3, FLAC, AAC, OGG
Release Date: December 10th, 2012
Price: $10 USD (or more on donation basis)
Benefits: Doctors Without Borders / The Humane Society
Genre/Styles: Ambient, Dark Ambient, Shoegaze, Modern Classical, Cinematic, Drone, Experimental
Official URL:
Available at:

Headphone Commute

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