Batona 2016

January 1, 2017

Batona efforts that happened in 2016, from New Jersey to you.

Cloud People

Cloud People's Evan Wilder has been active expanding Pine Barrens field recordings in both series Hit Record and Long Shits. Hear and see them below.

Hit Record 2016 field recordings:
8 • April Evening Bay Sounds
9 • At Evan's Bridge With KD
10 • All Hallow's Eve At Carranza Memorial
11 • December Swamp Stream
12 • Late Autumn Snow Falling On Dead Leaves

Full playlist:
Long Shits by Evan Wilder 2016 videos:
31 • Crows At Absegami
33 • Eno's Pond In May
34 • November Supermoon Rising Over A Medford Backroad
35 • Sirius Slides Across December Sky
Full playlist starting at 2016's efforts:

At Work

Work continues on a New Jersey Statewide Tour which "has been sporadically underway due to financial and tragic interruption".

Progress can be seen here: From The Past To You .

A CD is left to be found or not, somewhere in New Jersey.

Also in 2016, we had the release of A Thousand Blended Notes, which is only to be played again in spring.

At Work - "A Very Slow Collapse" - PATH20

Messier Object

Signals have been received. A change in course has been detected. Will Messier Object deliver a new recording?


Quiet and still, like frozen swamps.

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Experience Long Shits by Evan Wilder 1-12

March 28, 2014

The Long Shits series continues. Through fall and winter Cloud People's Evan Wilder took the camera to share a glimpse of the scenery.

Current set includes:

01 - Harvest Moon
02 - Jupiter Over The Pines
03 - Windy Pines At Dusk
04 - Late Spring Frogsong
05 - Lightning & Lightning Bugs
06 - Sleeping Fawn
07 - Atlantic City As Seen From Leeds Point
08 - Getting Through Winter
09 - Fleeting Flurries
10 - Shifting Shadows
11 - Powdery Pines
12 - Frozen Fade

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Introducing new Cloud People video field recording series, “Long Shits By Evan Wilder”

August 14, 2013

Filmed on location in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

Eastern Thunder presents — Evan Wilder's new viral video series of sharable long shots capturing the peacefulness of the Pine Barrens.

"I want to show people what's here, because I can. I think many would be surprised to know that there is still some wild beauty left on this little slab of land jutting out towards the Atlantic Ocean. There are other reasons, too, that may be revealed in time."

- Evan Wilder

Current set includes:

1 - Harvest Moon
2 - Jupiter Over The Pines
3 - Windy Pines At Dusk
4 - Late Spring Frogsong
5 - Lightning & Lightning Bugs
6 - Sleeping Fawn

Filmed on location in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
Shot by Evan Wilder.
Additional production by Nice Looking Designs.

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