See Cloud People live in the pines at Farrest Grove Music Festival & Campout

July 19, 2015
Cloud People Live at Farrest Grove Festival

Cloud People emerge for a live performance deep in the Pine Barrens, in the blueberry capitol of the world—Hammonton, NJ.

Gridwork presents the Late Night Stage.

More details: (now defunct as of 2019).

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Hear the 4th Hit Record from Cloud People, “Hail Showers And April Flowers”

April 20, 2014
Cloud People - Hit Record 4 - Hail Showers And April Flowers

Evan Wilder recorded the sound of a hail storm in mid-April, that left the ground white with ice and flower petals.

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Hear Cloud People’s 3rd Hit Record field recording, “Spring Peepers”

April 5, 2014
Cloud People - Hit Record 3 - Spring Peepers

Evan Wilder of Cloud People continues the sonic explorations of the Pine Barrens in the new series, called Hit Record.

Evan Wilder Tweets late last night:

Late. Out in the trees. Sitting still as spring peepers pierce silence. I hit record. 40 minutes of peeps takes me to 3am. A cat crept by. Very dark amidst light rain and mist. Winter casually leaves like it never happened. Back, to report and download recording to prepare for whoever listens to such things. Then sleep.

This is the result - a 12 minute highlight of spring peepers as recorded by Evan Wilder in the Wharton State Forest.

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