Hear Cloud People’s second Hit Record field recording, “March Winds”

March 28, 2014
Cloud People - Hit Record 2 - March Winds

Evan Wilder of Cloud People continues the sonic explorations of the Pine Barrens in the new series, called Hit Record.

Hit Record Number 2: "March Winds". One late winter windy night gets Evan Wilder out in the woods to record the wind passing through the forest, where branches can be heard knocking together in the treetops.

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Experience Long Shits by Evan Wilder 1-12

March 28, 2014

The Long Shits series continues. Through fall and winter Cloud People's Evan Wilder took the camera to share a glimpse of the scenery.

Current set includes:

01 - Harvest Moon
02 - Jupiter Over The Pines
03 - Windy Pines At Dusk
04 - Late Spring Frogsong
05 - Lightning & Lightning Bugs
06 - Sleeping Fawn
07 - Atlantic City As Seen From Leeds Point
08 - Getting Through Winter
09 - Fleeting Flurries
10 - Shifting Shadows
11 - Powdery Pines
12 - Frozen Fade

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Watch A Pine Barrens Adventure: Trailer 1 for the Cloud People motion picture Wild Refuge

October 9, 2013

Eastern Thunder presents a Batona Music film.

"Wild Refuge"

A Pine Barrens Adventure.

Starring Evan Wilder as Evan Wilder, and Cloud People as Cloud People.

Filmed on location in the New Jersey Pine Barrens in 1080 HD.

Directed and produced by Todd Steponick.

Additional production by Nice Looking Designs.

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