Cloud People - Dub Me Wilder

As the verdant woodlands wind their way down to the fading shades of autumn, Cloud People offer a few tracks honed over the years to mark this annual moment. By creating dubbed out stretches of skittering reggae rhythms with software synthesizers and cooing calls of analog Micromoog squelch percolating through, they paint a warm landscape of the Pine Barrens using a patchwork of samples, conga, flute and sine waves. “Dub Me Wilder” eases the listener adrift down a cool cedar stream as the sun pulses through the canopy above, filtered by green, yellow, orange and red leaves, in hopes to enjoy the last of the season’s welcoming aural experiences before winter lashes in and takes it all away.

Features Sam Moskalik on conga and djembe.

Digital release. Pay what (and if) you want.

01 Beyond The Call Of The Wild
02 Bones At Frog Bog
03 Cool Cedar Flow
04 Drums Of Autumn

Format: Digital
Released: September 1, 2012
Total Time: 00:22:53
Design: Nice Looking Designs