Merch: various sticker packs

October 21, 2020
Merch: Batona Music sticker pack V.1

New, full-color 3" stickers.

Get a pack of all 6 or be specific and choose specific options below.

The pack includes 6 full-color vinyl sticker designs, as 3" circles and one custom shape.

• Messier Object – Now Is The Time
• Messier Object – Urgent Space Techno
• Cloud People – The Clouds
• Cloud People – Evan Wilder's Pine Barrens
• At Work – This Place Is Depressing
• Batona Music – Sounds Of An Electronic Nature

Stickers hold up well outside, though eventually some colors fade over the years to varying degrees in direct sunlight and weather.

Please sticker responsibly.

Messier Object ● Now Is The Time ● 3 x 3" Stickers

Messier Object ● Urgent Space Techno ● 3 x 3" Stickers

Cloud People ● The Clouds ● 3 x 3" Stickers

Cloud People ● Evan Wilder's Pine Barrens ● 3 x 3" Stickers

At Work ● This Place Is Depressing ● 3 x 3" Stickers

Batona Music ● Sounds Of An Electronic Nature ● 3 x 3" Stickers

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Merch: Batona button

October 19, 2020

New 1.5" button, with logo design in open green space.

Signify your selective taste for obscure music and illegible design by pinning clutter to your garb until it falls off to be lost forever.

Your small purchase may not help for site hosting or fund a physical release, but it will boost motivation knowing you care enough to show support.

Includes fine print on outer edge.

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Merch: At Work emission notice for fossil-fuel-powered vehicles

October 19, 2020
At Work vehicular GHG emissions notice cling

Demonstrate awareness to other drivers of that which we all know (or deny) but don't like to talk about: we are willing or reluctant participants in causing climate catastrophe.

Do you recognize and worry about the climate crisis and resent needing to own and operate a vehicle that adds to the problem?

Then this pollution alert may be for you.

At Work delivers a vehicular emission notice for those of us struggling with the dissonance of understanding climate science but still being dependent on combustion engines.

Alternately, it may make a fine gift to an unwitting receiver.

It clings, so it can be applied to a clean, smooth surface and peeled off to leave no messy adhesive residue.

Size: 2"x 3".

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