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January 16, 2020
At Work - "Sound Systems" - PATH22

For the Anthropocene

You know.

The five warmest years have all occurred since 2015 with 9 of the 10 warmest years occurring since 2005.

The last time CO2 concentrations were this high was 2.5-5 million years ago when global temperatures were 2-3°C higher and sea level was at least 25 meters higher.

The icecaps and glaciers are melting.

Megafires engulf large expanses claiming many lives human and nonhuman.

Floods are deadlier and more frequent.

Arid areas are getting drier.

70 billion land animals and over a trillion sea animals are killed every year for food.

Voters are manipulated by powerful financial interests into supporting policy that accelerates CO2 pollution instead of eliminating it.

Corporate tyranny makes ever-increasing gains against democratic power.

Post-truth confusion divides and delays action.

There are less than 10 years left to radically alter the fossil-fuel based economy otherwise we promise suffering and violence to an ever-increasing human population for the next 10,000 years.

As things get ever more grim, for the times we are not fighting in whatever small or large ways we are able, as the weight of the world bears down, we shall not shrug.

And we will still need music.

At Work responds with Sound Systems.

Programmed and mixed by At Work.

Micromoog patch in the track 'Sound Systems' programmed by Bryan Michael of Alka.

'Sound Systems', 'Externalities', and 'Energy' were originally developed for live performance at Gridwork AC's events in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

'Rebuild' was originally developed for live performance at NPX's Broketronica events in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Support the Sunrise Movement.

The sentient should not be commodities. Please go vegan.


Sound Systems is released today, January 16, 2020, and is available from Bandcamp for $4 USD. View full release details.

At Work ● Sound Systems

At Work - "Sound Systems" - PATH22
01 Sound Systems
02 Energy
03 Externalities
04 Rebuild

Further Data:

Catalog Number: PATH22
Formats: MP3 V0, MP3 320, FLAC, AAC, Ogg Vorbis, ALAC, WAV, AIFF
Released: January 16, 2020
Total Time: 00:32:16
Photography: At Work
Design: Nice Looking Designs

$4 - Buy Digital from Bandcamp

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Watch new At Work video for Sound Systems

January 4, 2020

Sound Systems

As we systematically slide into the existential emergency of cataclysmic climate patterns, a sixth mass-extinction event, certain destruction is ensured to the natural systems upon which all species (including humans) have adapted over many millennia.

At Work returns with a beat-driven, nine-minute glimpse of surrounding cultural, structural, environmental wastes in this grim moment of the Anthropocene.

'Sound Systems' is a preview of things to come on the forthcoming EP of the same name and marks the first At Work sounds since 2016's A Thousand Blended Notes.

The track "Sound Systems" is from the new At Work EP, Sound Systems (PATH22) available from Batona Music. Released January 16, 2020.

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101 Long Shits by Evan Wilder

November 11, 2019

In 2013, Evan Wilder set out to make long, slow videos of his surrounding Pine Barrens.

Autumn streams flow with fallen leaves. Waterbugs swarm. Bats swoop. Fish leap. A squirrel huddles through a storm. A turkey protects her young. A fawn naps. Brooks brim. Pines glow in summer's afternoon sun. Turning leaves sway in Autumn's twilit breeze. Oak shadows slowly slide on the surface of new fallen snow. Spring rains expand stems and leaves. At the pace of the turning earth, celestial objects appear to slide across the frame. Dawn emerges, days go dark, the moon rises, Orion continues westward.

And now in 2019, the series ends at a total of 101 videos.

If one were to watch them all, it would take almost 2 and a half days.

Perhaps they will survive further into the future as digital record than the environment they were recorded in.

001 Harvest Moon

002 Jupiter Over The Pines

003 Windy Pines At Dusk

004 Late Spring Frogsong

005 Lightning & Lightning Bugs

006 Sleeping Fawn

007 Atlantic City As Seen From Leeds Point

008 Getting Through Winter

009 Fleeting Flurries

010 Shifting Shadows

011 Powdery Pines

012 Frozen Fade

013 Snow On Bone

014 Tree Trunk In Setting Sun

015 Sunset On Spring Pines

016 Goshen Pond In Twilight

017 A Nice Summer Day In The Pine Barrens

018 Swaying Cedars

019 A Lone Mother And Her 13 Little Ones

020 Goshen Pond In Twilight, Again

021 Cedar Stream In October Rain

022 October Stream

023 Sundown On October Pines

024 Autumn Colors Up Carranza

025 Light Fades On Foliage Shades

026 Idle Cranberry Bogs In Dusk

027 Bogs Of Franklin Parker Preserve At Nightfall

028 The Day After Halloween

029 Autumn Wind Through Oaks

030 Abandoned Rail Line

031 Crows At Absegami

032 Spring Rain

033 Eno's Pond In May

034 November Supermoon Rising Over A Medford Backroad

035 Sirius Slides Across December Sky

036 Carranza Memorial In Snow

037 Pine Barrens Festival End, 2017

038 Moonbeams Scatter About Skit Branch

039 August Moonrise Over The Atlantic

040 Moonlit Atlantic From Long Beach Island

041 Eclipsed Sunshine On Skit Branch

042 Spider In Late Summer Sun

043 Under A Bridge Behind A Batsto Cemetery

044 Batsto Lake In October Dusk

045 Bats In October Dusk

046 Waterbugs & Traffic On A Mullica Waterway

047 October Sunset At Lower Bank Cemetery With The Bats & Mosquitoes

048 A Pumpkin Patch In Nightfall's Fading Shades

049 Ruins Of Atsion Furnace In Autumn

050 Ruins Of Hampton Furnace Ghost Town In Fall Foliage

051 Nightfall On Batsto Color

052 October Sunset At A Batsto Bridge

053 Another October Sunset At A Batsto Bridge

054 Leaves Drift

055 Darkening Orange Horizon

056 November Moonrise Over Tabernacle

057 November Moon

058 Deep Run Cedar Brook In Cold Dusk

059 Snowfall On Cranberry Bogs

060 A Late Winter Snow

061 Bending Boughs

062 Sparkling Arcturus Rising On A Freezing March Evening

063 A Crescent Moon And Venus Set Through Late Winter Oaks

064 Orion's Belt Drifting West In Late Winter

065 Venus And Mercury Set In A Last Winter's Dusk

066 Hawk Perched In Spring Sunset

067 Jupiter Rising In April's First Hours

068 Jupiter And Moon Rising In April's Last Hours

069 Moon Follows Jupiter Through Oak Spring Growth

070 Jupiter Sets On First May Dawn

071 Batsto Birdsong In Spring

072 May Frogsong In Passing Evening Storm

073 Fleeting Goldfinches Over Batsto In Spring

074 Venus Following Setting Crescent Moon In June

075 Venus Following Crescent Moon In July

076 Mars Passing By

077 Mars Passing By, Again

078 Late Summer Cumulonimbus At Dusk

079 Blue Sky Moon

080 September Dusk

081 Glistening Fall Foliage Along The Batsto

082 Another Autumn Nightfall At Hampton Furnace

083 Crescent Reflection

084 May Winds At Bulls Branch

085 Flowing Cedar Foam

086 Foaming Cedar Flow

087 Darkening November Field

088 Leafless November Swamp

089 Cold Dimming Cedars

090 Mid-November Snow

091 November Swamp In Surging Stream

092 Deep Hollow Branch Takes The Trail

093 Late November Sundown On Pasadena Ruins Field

094 December Skies Over Ruins At Friendship

095 Warm Light On Cold January Oaks

096 January Moonset Through Swaying Oaks

097 Jupiter, Moon, & Venus In Late January Dawn

098 March Skies Over Ruins At Friendship

099 Featherbed Swamp In Late Winter

100 Distant Wild Swans

101 Cloud Watching In A Mid-September Sky

101 Long Shits by Evan Wilder

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