Cloud People - Buck Wild

In time for Halloween, Cloud People deliver their raved-up 7th offering of forest ragers. Powered with two-parts of precise, piercing metallic percussion over pumping 140 BPM kicks, it’s easy to picture Buck Wild provoking costumed dance at nocturnal woodland rituals amidst leafless trees, starry skies and blazing fires.

On a flip side to the pulsing haunted house rhythms, chant and song over drone and djembe call attention to the gate to the otherworld, where who knows what will come through your speakers if you play it.

Evan Wilder asked his friend, who lives deep in the pines, practices weird crafts and goes by the name 1692, if she’d add her voice to some tracks. Don’t call it “witch house” but the first two tracks are suffused with her calls.

Sam Moskalik plays the djembe.
1692 performs vocals.
Evan Wilder works the synths, mix and production.

Digital release. Pay what (and if) you want.

01 The Pines (Part 1, Featuring 1692)
02 Finding A Way (Featuring 1692)
03 Hallowe’en Song
04 The Oaks (Part 2)
05 Last Of The Leaves
06 Sinking Moon Call

Format: Digital
Released: October 23, 2012
Total Time: 00:24:57
Design: Nice Looking Designs