At Work - "Kita Ga Taihen Featuring RAMIPAS" - PATH12

At Work x RAMIPAS: Kita Ga Taihen

RAMIPAS (of Japan) joined At Work in an effort to address the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster. Despite the grim, RAMIPAS call our attention upwards with some unknown source of optimism for the people of Japan, as the Japanese national anthem Kimigayo resounds over the chaos.



グリム·アップ·ノース(北が大変)が、文字/ URL制限のために、それは北のKita Ga Taihenとしてここに表示されます。

For the people of Japan, lost in the 2011 devastation and for all the survivors, rebuilding.

The official title of this release is グリム・アップ・ノース (北が大変), but due to character/URL limitations, it sometimes appears as Kita Ga Taihen.


Vocals performed by RAMIPAS in Japan.

At Work ● グリム・アップ・ノース (北が大変)

At Work - "Kita Ga Taihen Featuring RAMIPAS" - PATH12
01 グリム・アップ・ノース (北が大変)Featuring RAMIPAS Part 1
02 グリム・アップ・ノース (北が大変)Featuring RAMIPAS Part 2

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Release: July 3, 2012
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