In the dark of winter, Cloud People looked northwards to the Arctic Circle and made contact with Ambient Fabric of Norway.

Prekestolen, courtesy of Ambient Fabric - Øystein Jørgensen
Prekestolen, courtesy of Øystein Jørgensen

Ambient Fabric's (Øystein Jørgensen) music is as monolithic as Prekestolen and as vast as the surrounding space above and below.

Ambient Fabric and Cloud People collaborated and brought light to a new version of Mountains of Dub, created amongst the starry New Jersey Pine Barrens and the Norwegian Aurora Borealis-lit peaks and fjords.

Ranges of Dub is to be released on a future set of Cloud People remixes.

An early version, 4Mountains with Cloud People, can be heard on Ambient Fabric's ReverbNation and MySpace pages.

An edit of the final version can be heard on the Cloud People MySpace page.

In response, Cloud People have remixed Ambient Fabric's Space. Sub-Space Cloud People (Edit) and Sub-Space Cloud People Invasion now exist and the later can be heard on the Cloud People MySpace page.

(2019 note: link updated to current platforms.)

Ambient Fabric on Bandcamp .