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Gridwork Presents

Achievement - Philadelphia
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At Work - Pine Barrens, NJ
At Work Site • Batona Music

Beataddictx - NJ
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Resident Gridworkers:

Yung Coyote

Stingray Bob (See his work on YouTube)

Live Painting:
Fraktal Fingers

Art Before Crime
Deep Seeded

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Contest & prizes from Deep Seeded

Achievement will be personally awarding a trophy to the best dancer

Come early and stay late!
Doors: 8pm • Show: 9pm-2am

$7 entry

18 to party • 21 to drink

Le Grand Fromage
25 Gordon's Alley
Atlantic City, NJ
(Free Parking - lot located off Pennsylvania Ave)

It will look something like this:
Yung Coyote turns the beats amidst Stingray Bob's hyperdimensional light show.
Photos courtesy of Stingray Bob.
Stingray Bob's geometric lights set the stage.
Photos courtesy of Stingray Bob.
Stingray Bob sets mood with photons.
Photos courtesy of Stingray Bob.

Lure for those who support alcohol-based music culture:
New drink special - THE MAGIC CUP: Purchase a magic cup at the door for $10, then have access to super cheap drink specials the rest of the night!
$1 Draft Beers • $2 Vodka Drinks • $2 Whiskey Drinks • $3 Long Islands • TIP YOUR BARTENDERS.

Little House Booking is branching out into the super fun world of dance music. We've teamed up with Philly's sickest art collective Psy.Fi to bring you the highest quality multimedia experience.

GR1DW0RK = AC Nightlife Remixed.

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