At Work is carrying out surveys across the state of New Jersey to document its ambience at select locations.

The surveys will not assist enterprise nor government in any way with the establishment of maps, boundaries, building creation, or property sale.

This series is to contain no music scoring, but only field recordings and views from the chosen locale.

Included in video descriptions are log entries relevant to time and place.

Future surveys will appear in this playlist over time.

Thus far, the set includes:

NJ Ambience Survey 1 • Seven Bridges • 2016-04-18; 39.521231, -74.318939

NJ Ambience Survey 2 • City Gardens • 2016-05-08; 40.237362, -74.759784

NJ Ambience Survey 3 • Cedar Creek • 2018-11-25; 39.683969, -74.207675

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