Cloud People - Samwas - Yung Coyote - Dubmoxoa - Steven Paul - FraKtal Fingers

Le Grand Fromage + Little House Booking + Gridwork AC Present:

Gridwork Empire - A Special Break Out Wednesdays Halloween Party!


Cloud People [Batona Music] (Electronica/IDM/Dub from Pine Barrens, NJ)

Yung Coyote [Wildechosystems ] (Post-data/Eonphaded DJ from Pine Barrens, NJ)

Samwas [Psy.Fi , FML ] (Glitch Hop/Future Bass from AC/Philly)

Dubmoxoa [Psy.Fi] (Electronica/Dub DJ from Philadelphia, PA)

Steven Paul (Pop/Folk from South Jersey)

FraKtal Fingers [Deep Seeded ]

When, Where

Wednesday, October 30th
Le Grand Fromage
25 Gordons Alley - Atlantic City, NJ
8pm | 18+ / 21+ to drink (ID's Required at Door)

This is a Halloween party - costumes are strongly encouraged!

$5 in costume, $8 no costume

*LIVE Music + DJs
*Freshest electronic music ever to grace AC
*LIVE Painting by FraKtal Fingers
*Discounted Drink Specials
*FREE Parking Outside Venue (Pennsylvania Ave)
*Food Specials + Activities
*Contests + Giveaways

LHB is teaming up with real movers and shakers in the electronic music scene to bring you an epic concoction of a great night.

Le Grand Fromage

25 Gordon's Alley
Atlantic City, NJ
(Free Parking - lot located off Pennsylvania Ave)


Theme is Boardwalk Empire(ish):
New age boardwalk empire. The swankiest party to grace AC in centuries... Past & future of AC will connect at GRIDWORK.

Costumes ideas range from roaring 20s/gangster/wild west or something that represents the future of AC. The New West, New New Jersey, Post South Jersey seceding from North Jersey, steampunk cowboys & post-industrial tribes etc., etc.

Roaring 20s meets Roaring 2000s, if you will. Get creative. Contribute to the vibe and help make this a BREAKOUT event. The more successful this event is, the more exciting events we can bring you in the future...

Clouds 1-9

Evan Wilder performs Cloud People's Clouds 1-9 as you've never heard them before in an extended dance set, and also new, unreleased material.

This will be a Cloud People Live Halloween Special. The party goes till 7am. If you ever wanted a party to reach the weirder peaks of wild, in costume, this is the one.

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