Cloud People have been going on and on about the remix for Pablo Sandoz. Their summer months have been occupied at the instruments and controls, making synths echo and making conga & djembe beats in the pines. It's so important to them, they've temporarily put off finishing their next release, Even Wilder, for now.

According to them, "the Sound of Quicksilver is streaming through the pines, filtering through the cedar swamps and mossy ground coverings, in the hopes to somehow absorb and carry the intrinsic powers of North American grounds to wave riders and watchers far and wide.

"In the process, integrations of the powers (or whatever they may be) brought forth by this minstrel from beyond dreamtime occur throughout the New Jersey Pine Barrens, stretching the tightly knit fabric of local and non-local imaginary realities".

There was more, but you get it. It's difficult enough to understand them through their vocoders, let alone know for sure what all this means.

The mixes should start appearing at the end of August, and so far they sound sublime.

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