At Work

At Work has been at work since 2001, setting the surrounding landscape of his native New Jersey’s congested sprawl and threatened Pine Barrens to instrumental electronic music.

2005 saw the first release on Batona, At Work’s Build It Up, Break It Down, which was subsequently remixed by Alka, City Rain, Knife Jams, Dev79, Stumble, Sub-Arkt, Clocklife and At Work, and released as a 32-track remix album in 2010.

The 5 years between releases brought remixes for Alka, Knife Jams, Greek, The Killing, Most Precious Blood & Dev79 and a short video on the New Jersey Turnpike called “Drive Carefully.” Live performances included a strong visual presence incorporating signage, and notable acts performed with are Funkstorung, Alka, City Rain, Rekall, Knife Jams, MAD, Jason Carr, Vytear/Black Unicorn, and Clocklife.

Following 4 music videos for Build It Up, Break It Down—Remix, a 1-track, 10-minute-long single and video appeared at the end of 2011, “10 Minute Break.” 2012 started with the release of the sample-driven My Property, from which a video for “Her Heart” was also released. Keeping with the release’s theme of appropriation, the video is a remix of Double’s original videos for their single, “The Captain Of Her Heart.” Spring 2012 revealed another At Work album years in the making: A Very Slow Collapse.

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